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  • Double zero foil

    Alloy series  Alloy number Temper Product type and specification  
    Cold rolled coil specfication (mm) Cold rolled sheet (mm)
    Thickness Width Coil ID Coil OD General application Thickness Width Length
    1XXX 1235 H14, H24, H18, O 0.1~3 900~2,400 605,505 Max.2800  Foil for air conditioner, cigarettes, decoration,
    cable and laminated foil for auto
    0.5~3 900~2,400 1,000~10,000
    8XXX 8006 Single zero foil
    8011 Pharma foil, household foil, beer label foil
    8021  Foil for electronics, pharma foil, food box foil
    8079 Beer label foil, pharma foil, household foil
    3XXX 3003 Container


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