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  • Henan Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd has been developed from Gongyi Power Plant which was built up in 1975 and one of the earliest local pithead power plants in China. In 1998, Gongyi Power Plant and Gongyi Aluminum Plant realized assets reorganization and initiated the first industrial pattern of “Combination of aluminum and power plant”, which is still the mainstream aluminum pattern in China up to now. In 2002, the company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, became the first listed company in Henan province under the approval system and stepped into fast growth period. From 2002 up to now, the company has built up an industrial zone with beautiful landscape and ecological environment and has developed a complete industrial chain with integration of coal, power generation and aluminum deep processing through strategic restructuring. According to the requirement of economic “New Normal”, the company will speed up industry transformation and upgrading. When the key transformation project for high end aluminum plate is completely put into production, the company will successfully realize the transformation from traditional combination of aluminum and power to aluminum deep processing field and become world class aluminum manufacturing enterprise with international competitiveness.
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